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Entrepreneur Membership

  • Become a free member of the Migrant Entrepreneurs Network and share your story, entrepreneurial tips and products and services with your peers around the world.
  • Sign up for one of the learning programs offered by the Network, to keep up with global trends and best practices and to enhance your business skills.
  • Access educational materials and training courses on business skills, entrepreneurship, leadership, social enterprise and sustainable development.
  • Facilitated access to corporate members as potential consumers of migrant entrepreneurs’ products and services.
  • Get involved in our peer-to-peer migrant entrepreneurs mentoring scheme and our business coaching programme.
  • Become active in establishing or supporting a national or city Migrant Entrepreneurs Hub.

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Corporate Membership

  • An opportunity to support a high impact social responsibility project in the countries in which they operate.
  • A partner for corporate employee volunteer programs, by engaging in the migrant entrepreneurs mentorship scheme.
  • Facilitated access to the products and services of migrant entrepreneurs, thereby supporting local economic empowerment.
  • Access to a half-day workshop on the challenge of forced migration and the opportunities of migrant entrepreneurship.
  • Access to networks of professionals from the refugee community, as a potential source of recruitment.
  • Explore opportunities to partner, collaborate or do business with migrant entrepreneurs around the world.

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Expert Membership

  • Access to a network of migrant entrepreneurs with which to conduct research projects.
  • Offer pro-bono talks, training courses, venues and other support for the Migrant Entrepreneurs Network, globally or through the national and city Hubs.
  • Develop case studies and media features that profile the inspiring stories migrant entrepreneurs in the Network and the challenges they face

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